The American Diploma program is one of the global educational systems used in many English-speaking countries, and this program is characterized by diversity, flexibility, and internationality.

This program is recognized by the most prestigious international, Arab and local universities, and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Arabic language, history and geography of the Kingdom, Islamic education, and social and national education materials are added to it. The credit hours allocated to these subjects are counted within the requirements for obtaining a diploma.

The educational program is accredited by an international academic accreditation body in accordance with international education quality standards. Accreditation is a rigorous process that measures the quality of schools and the educational process provided through an evaluation team with extensive experience in the accreditation process. The team uses the school’s tasks and ideas along with the quantity and quality of self-study results, activities and methods. educational.

American diploma programs aim to enable students to study scientific subjects such as mathematics, science, computer and social studies in English, master research skills, prepare and present student projects, and master English language skills in speaking, writing, reading and listening, with a high degree, and enabling students to enroll in university colleges inside or outside the Kingdom.